Project Delivery

Specific projects need specific skill sets that often fall outside the remit of day to day operations and internal resources. We will provide the essential added bandwidth to deliver these projects efficiently with the minimum of disruption and assist you in assigning the right people to deliver your project in the most streamlined, cost efficient way possible.
Our project delivery services provide specific knowledge and expertise in:  

• Data centre migration
• System upgrades
• Data management upgrades
• Business relocation
• Additional office set up
• People development
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Business Benefits

To be successful, all business projects should have a clear objective, practical implementation, and deep understanding of all the related costs and benefits of the project. While it may seem relatively simple, understanding and defining business benefits can be tricky sometimes. To break down the concept in a simple and comprehensible way, business benefits can be divided into three major types – soft benefits, hard benefits, and productivity.

Ensure projects have five core elements:

  • The solution is aligned to the business need
  • Full engagement with all of the key stakeholders
  • Formal governance process is followed
  • Absolute focus on benefits realisation from Day 1
  • Clear approach to how the change/ solution/ system is to be embedded within the company

These five element will ensure that the Cost Benefit Case is achieved.